Area 51: The Secret Is Out

Philadelphia Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins reacts after an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Area 51:  The Secret is Out.  The Eagles Are Really Good.

by Dave Gloeckner (4th and Go /

Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins reacts after an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

The Eagles just turned from a nice team to a really good one.  And the rest of the nation along with the national media hates it.

Being a good team, actually a really good team, breeds hate and discontent.  They want to see you lose more now that everyone is talking about you.  It’s why nobody hates the Browns.

But after Sunday’s thrashing of the Broncos we need to relish in the beauty of this victory.  Drown out the haters and absorb the light.  51 points versus the number one defense in the league.  31 points by half, versus a team that had not allowed more than 29 in a game all year.  It was offensive precision of the likes that we’ve hardly ever seen.

It was an absolutely amazing Sunday at the Linc.  Everything was clicking on offense and defense.  The first example was a perfect run/pass option that baited a great CB, Aqib Talib, into peeping in the offensive backfield.  In a split second Carson Wentz realized the bait was lined and hooked and ended up throwing a dime to Alshon Jeffrey for a 32 yard touchdown.  Two drives later, following a Jalen Mills interception, on a 3rd and 10, the Eagles once again dialed up a perfect play. They took advantage of an over aggressive DE Von Miller and ran a middle screen to Corey Clement resulting in a 15 yard touchdown and a 17-3 lead.

After that it seemed like everything Frank Reich, the offensive coordinator, called into the huddle ended up working.  Even the new edition, running back Jay Ajayi, got into the act with a 46 yard touchdown run.  He turned a feverous crowd into a frenzy while sprinting to his first touchdown of the year.  It was a magical beginning for the Eagles new dread locked ball carrier.

And Viola, a perennial favorite to reach the Super Bowl was born.  The first group of believers were the ones packing their bags and leaving Philadelphia with a 51-23 defeat.  Coming into the week, Von Miller guaranteed a win.  But after the game, he really didn’t want to get into it.  Soft move after such a bold, but hollow statement.

Then there was CB Chris Harris who thought the Eagles offense resembled one from “college”.  Instead he left awestruck after witnessing firsthand the versatility and lethality of this offense.  After the game he admitted “They are probably the best offense we have seen”.*

But the disrespect didn’t end in the visitor’s locker room.  It boiled over to National TV where Fox Sports correspondent Nick Wright continues to rebuke the Eagles by calling them a “nice team” and there are “probably 8 teams better”.  In fact, on Monday he chose to now anoint the Rams as better than the Eagles (last week it was the Panthers).  Because you know, beating a 1-7 Giants team the same day the Eagles demolish the Broncos is more impressive.  And, since he doesn’t care to fact check or research, then I’ll do it for him.  The Rams lost at home to the Redskins in Week 2. It’s the same team from Washington that the Eagles have beat by double digits twice.  And their records and score against common opponents are:

  • Eagles (Redskins x2, Giants, Cardinals, 49ers):  5-0 / 158-82
  • Rams (Redskins, Giants, Cardinals, 49ers):  3-1 / 145-83

This dude is a complete chump.  And he has isolated one team to pick on.  Probably auditioning for a supporting act for a screaming head role on a four letter network.

Then there’s the dreadful, uninformed, lying, but still has a job, Skip Bayless.  His exact quote is that he  “watched the whole game yesterday”.  He then says Carson Wentz got strip sacked by Von Miller.  And was chastising the play because that turnover makes his boy Dak Prescott better than Wentz in his mind.  Hey Skippy, that was Nick Foles.  Mic drop.  C’Mon Son.

But there’s something we can all take from this:  The Eagles Are Real.  It started for us several weeks ago but it took the National audience, and media, a few weeks to catch up.  Las Vegas now has Eagles as the favorite to win the Super Bowl.  They are now at the top of all subjective Power Rankings.  And it has brought out the doubters and given birth to haters.  Nobody picked the Eagles before the year,  so the only way they can save their supposed credibility now is to hope the Eagles fail and then they can yell loudly about it.

This is what’s fun about being the chased.  Stare these trolls in the face and use their venom to fuel the inner you.  The part of you that’s been stagnant for too long.  It’s the Philly Fortitude and Passion that we’re all born with.  It’s time to let it loose.  And let me be the one to tell you to do it with confidence.  Because if 51 points woke up the talking dead, then it should emblazon you with the extreme assurance that our Eagles can do things that the nation, and most in the National Media, dread.  Win.


*Quote courtesy of Eagles Reporter Jeff Kern at

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