Embiid vs Drummond Round 3

This was Sixers vs Pistons game 3 of the 2017-18 season, just as intriguing is Round 3 of for the season in the Joel Embiid vs Andre Drummond rivalry.  This game turned out to be a route for the Sixers who won the game 114-78.  It was so lopsided that the Sixers starters didn’t even step onto the court in the 4th quarter.

As for round 3 of the Embiid vs Drummond matchup, it was just as lopsided as the game itself.  In fact this season, the whole season has gone the same way in regards to this rivalry.  Joel Embiid has dominated the matchup in the first three games scoring a total of 78 points to Drummond’s 38.  And those 38 points by Drummond have all been inconsequential to the outcome of the games.  This was a resounding 3rd round KO in the 4 round bout this season for Joel Embiid making the fourth and final meeting on April 4th in Detroit meaningless in this matchup.

It is clear to me that Embiid is in Drummond’s head.  You can see it when they are on the court together.  At one point Drummond was called for his second personal foul on Embiid and Drummond laughing at the call and mockingly clapping his hands towards the official.  At one point when the Pistons were down by 30 Drummond was at the line and the crowd was going crazy hoping he would miss two foul shots and sending everyone home with a free Wendy’s Frosty.  He made both shots and put his finger up to his lips to shush the crowd, again YOUR TEAM IS DOWN BY 30!!  On the ensuing Sixers possession JJ Redick was fouled while shooting and with the ball coming down towards the net Andre Drummond punched the ball back up into the air and getting called for a technical foul as a result. My point is Embiid makes Drummond act out of character and when that happens, it means the guy is in your head.

The Sixers have now won this season series which could have major implication when it comes to playoff seeding and tie breakers.  If the Sixers and Pistons do indeed meet in the playoffs these four regular season games could all amount to tune up matched for the main event.

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