Should the Sixers Trade Up in This Year’s Draft?

Coming up on the All Star break a lot can be said about the Sixers so far. Currently riding a four game win streak they sit at .500 with a 19-19 record and are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference. Riding the wave of rookie sensation Ben Simmons the Sixers are putting the league on notice that they are one of the up and coming teams out of the east. One big roadblock in the Sixers progression is that starting center Joel Embiid is still not consistently playing. Embiid has already missed nine games this season and the team only has two wins without him. Along with Embiid’s troubles of staying on the court we still have not seen the debut of number one overall pick Markelle Fultz. Which leaves the question should the Sixers go after one more core piece of talent in the draft?

This upcoming draft class is filled with good young players that could be paired with Simmons, Embiid, and Fultz to turn the Sixers into contenders for years to come. The team also has a large number of assets to move up to land one of these young stars. From now until 2021 the Sixers potentially have five first round picks and 11 second round picks. Along with all of those picks the team also has multiple players stashed overseas and young players on the roster that could be moved if necessary. In a best case scenario the highest the Sixers would pick this upcoming draft is one or six depending on where the Lakers pick lands in the lottery. But, if the Lakers pick falls to the Celtics the Sixers would be on the outside looking in on a high lottery pick this year. If luck falls the Sixers way this year here are some top draft prospects the Sixers should have their eyes on.


Trae Young

Trae Young has become one of the hottest sensations in college basketball this season. The freshman point guard from Oklahoma is currently averaging 29 points, 10 assists, and four rebounds per game. Along with that he is shooting 40% from three. Young has proven that he can be a deadly shooter and can also be a dominant passer racking up and 26 point 22 assist game this season. He is a combo guard and with his shooting ability could be a great guard pairing to play alongside Ben Simmons.


Luka Doncic

Although there is always a big risk from drafting a player from overseas Doncic has shown great potential and is a top talent in this upcoming draft class. Doncic is only 18 years old and playing for Real Madrid in the EuroLeague. Currently he is averaging 16 points, five assists, and six rebounds per game. Doncic is another scoring guard that could play alongside Simmons or could come off the bench and provide scoring for the second unit.


Marvin Bagley

Bagley is another one of college basketball’s biggest names right now. The freshman big man from Duke has been putting up big numbers for Blue Devils this year. Currently he is averaging 22 points, 11 rebounds, and two assists per game. One gap in Bagley’s game is that his game is centered around plays right at the rim. His lack of shooting ability is a small setback but is a skill that can be developed once he is in the league. Landing Bagley would help the Sixers as another skilled big man that can play big on nights when Joel Embiid does not play.


Mikal Bridges

This pick would probably the best fit for the team right now. Bridges is currently a junior at Villanova averaging 18 points, six assists, and two rebounds per game. He is a young athletic wing player that has the ability to shoot the ball consistently from deep. Along with his shooting ability bridges is also a reliable defender with his seven foot wingspan. Currently Bridges is 10th on most college draft boards which is definitely a spot that the Sixers could move into.

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