Who Will Diaz Fight Next?

After wrapping up UFC 220 in Boston Massachusetts at TD Garden, Nate Diaz went to Instagram and posted a picture of himself with the caption stating “Sick of sitting around waiting for you f*ckers to do shit there’s no excitement in this fight shit step your games up I’ll see u around may,June. Sincerely The Real Champ”. Clearly Nate is ready to fight again since his last fight came in August 2016 when he lost in a very close fight to Connor McGregor.
Before this post, Diaz posted on Instagram stating that he was back in action. The question is, who will Diaz fight. Obviously, Diaz wants to fight McGregor for a third time because he has expressed interest in doing so. McGregor is likely not going to come back until later this year in the fall. Diaz stating that he’s “the real champ”, is probably a dig at McGregor not defending his title since he beat Eddie Alvarez in November 2016 for the lightweight title. McGregor took time off because his son was born, and everyone wants to know when he will be back. Nate’s first fight will not be against Connor McGregor so let’s look at who Diaz could possibly fight come May/June.

Eddie Alvarez would be a good opponent for Diaz to square off against. Alvarez is coming off a TKO victory against Justin Gaethje. This was a very good card and the Alvarez, Gaethje fight was one of the best fights of the night. In his last five UFC fights, Alvarez has three wins, one loss and one no contest. Eddie has become a pound for pound guy which is exactly why it would make for a good fight against Diaz. Alvarez tweeted after Diaz posted his Instagram picture and said to Diaz, “May-June is perfect @NateDiaz209, see you then big guy”. Alvarez wants the fight and I am sure Diaz will accept, so it’s all on the UFC.

Another possible contender to fight Diaz would be Kevin Lee. This would be an interesting fight because Lee has a little different fighting style. In Lee’s last five UFC fights, he has four wins and one loss. His one loss came in his most recent fight against Tony Ferguson. He lost to Ferguson by submission. In Lee’s four wins, three of them came from submission and one came from TKO. Kevin Lee went to twitter right after Diaz’ Instagram post and said “Put yo money up then @NateDiaz209 Or shut the f*ck up and go back to riding bikes around the park”. With that statement, clearly there is no love loss between the two. Lee is very outspoken and pushed for a fight last year against Diaz but it did not happen. Lee would also be a good fight for Diaz because he is young and presents a good challenge for Diaz since Lee is a good striker and has a strong ground game.

Diaz wants a mega-fight, but it wont be against McGregor so we will see if he takes a fight against Lee or Alvarez.

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