Eagles Crack Skol’s – Earn A Trip To The SUPER BOWL!

photo courtesy of www.usatoday.com

Eagles Crack Skol’s – Earn A Trip To The SUPER BOWL!

by Dave Gloeckner

first posted on www.4thandgo.com

photo courtesy of www.usatoday.com

I admire your passion and pride. You were riding high after the “Minnesota Miracle”. Some of you flew east and toured our beautiful city. Visited the Liberty Bell and decorated our iconic statue in purple attire. You even came down to the Linc with your chests puffed out feeling the role of the favorite. After all, it was destiny calling that your team would be the first to play in their home stadium for the Super Bowl. The story was already written, and we were just a speed bump in the asphalt. But the truth was, your team didn’t have a prayer last Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. You entered a lion’s den when you though it was a petting zoo.

What gathered at Lincoln Financial Field on that magnificent day was an army of one. Supporting our brothers in green jerseys and white pants. The party started early and gained momentum as the day’s hours grew in number. There was music in the air and fireworks in the sky. The gathering of long lost family from near and far was like adding lighter fluid to a bonfire. It was inexplicable how much confidence was brewing, and the game had yet begun.

As the day turned to night and the bright lights of the Linc shone high in the sky, our brethren marched in unison to our calling. And as we entered the stadium to the sounds of Eagles chants and a sea of rally towels, the confidence that seemed to boil to the brim in the parking lot had not even seen its apex. On the field, the players were free and loose. The American Flag waved peacefully through the air. And above all, Challenger the Eagle opened his wings and soared through the sky with grace and purpose. The city had never been so together, so confident, and so alive.

The opening drive gave your fandom hope. It looked unchallenged and easy. But all that did was numb you for the upcoming blow. Just like Rocky, the Eagles lost the first round but countered with fury.

The first punch back was by Chris Long and Patrick Robinson. That hit like concrete gloves as your team wobbled from the strike. Weak in the knees and staggering to the bell, LaGarrette Blount took the next shot. Steamrolling over your hard hitting safety. Then, as you gathered your senses and started breaking the distance, Derek Barnett happened. Forcing a fumble with the score 14-7 and your team driving to our redzone. The final blow then occurred as Nick Foles bounced off your sure tackling defenders, stood tall in the pocket, and delivered a strike to Alshon Jeffrey for a touchdown and a 21-7 lead. Game over.

There were 30 minutes left in the game but your fate was decided. The party of a lifetime was already in toll. The unexpected became reality as the stadium shook endlessly. We exchanged tears of joy and hugs filled with hope. It was as surreal as anything ever imagined.

What poured out on the streets was pandemonium. You only wish your fan base had an ounce of what we bleed. We partied safely and responsibly. But you and the national media want to report those few isolated incidents. A beer bottle here and some bad words there. Toughen up.

And as you boarded your flights the frustration of your experience started snowballing into exaggerations and falsehoods. “Here’s what we’ll do, we can paint the city of Philadelphia as a mob of toothless savages. We’ll make THEM the bad guys”. You’re not the first and won’t be the last.

I get it. We lost many NFC Championship games before. The worst emotions break free from their cage. There is so much anger and many things to be mad at. After all, you were the chosen ones. So you can’t blame yourselves, or that dreck your team threw onto our field. Philly has always been the punching bag so take your shots at us. We threw snowballs at Santa. Oh what a crime.

The reality is, most of you were treated with respect and dignity. The abomination and dreadful performance by your suited heroes should be the focus of your ire. Your players and coaches let you down. They couldn’t adjust to the Eagles. And they certainly couldn’t play their game in our environment. They were intimidated before they got here, just like you. It only got worse once they saw how together we were with our team.

So now we’re headed your way. Flying north and west to the next stop on our journey. Our wings are as wide as our smiles and we’ll be landing proudly in your home. We’re ready to see the fresh paint of the Eagles team logo affixed to one of your endzones. We’re ready to paint your city green. You can say what you want, and act however you choose. But you won’t dampen what we’ve been dreaming of for a lifetime. We truly hope to see your beautiful city for what it is. We hope to have a beer with you and talk about the pain that each fanbase has endured over time. We really are similar even if we’re that far apart.

We may not see eye to eye. But we are a proud, passionate group. One game spearates us from football immortality. And it’s in your home. Like it or not we’re coming. Our destiny awaits. The one thing we crave is so close. See you again soon.

With Brotherly Love,


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