Bring Up Scott Kingery Already

The Phillies should bring up Scott Kingery in 2018, or should they?

The Phillies had no problem trading away Gold Glove Finalist Freddy Galvis this
offseason. Trading Galvis allowed for top prospect, JP Crawford to win an uncontested starting
job at shortstop for the upcoming season. With the Phillies now bringing up their top prospects
in the past few years, the fans are still left waiting for one guy to enter the clubhouse on a
regular basis: Scott Kingery.

Scott Kingery, a 23-year- old, currently with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, is a stellar second
basemen that can add to the powerful lineup. With Rhys Hoskins being brought up last year, as
well as Maikel Franco, newest addition Carlos Santana, and Tommy Joseph, the Phillies have a
lot of power hitters, which Kingery could add even more homeruns for the Phils. Kingery ended
last year with a career high 26 homeruns between both the Iron Pigs and the Reading Fighting
Phils. With Cesar Hernandez being resigned to a one-year deal to avoid arbitration, this now
brings up the question of what Philadelphia is going to do at second base.

Do the Phillies bench Cesar Hernandez and bring up the young kid to try it out? Does he
start the year with the team or join late in the year like Crawford and Hoskins? How long is he
going to platoon once he is up? These are all unanswered questions that can not be answered
easily. If the Phillies are willing to trade away one of the best defensive shortstops in the
National League to give their struggling top prospect a chance, then anything can happen. The
Phillies may be willing to make this Cesar’s last year with the team. If they allow Kingery to play
the entire year with the club, even if its just every other day, then it can give him the
experience needed to play at a high level. Then in 2019, the Phillies will not need to resign
Hernandez, and their infield can be mostly set.

The Phillies need to bring up their prospects. They have gotten better over the years,
but ruining Darin Ruf, to keep Howard around still has some fans eerie. The Phillies can benefit
by growing Kingery’s game this season. Rhys Hoskins and JP Crawford lead the charge at the
end of last year, and now the Phillies should waste no time bringing up the top guys in the farm
system. The Phillies have nothing to lose in 2018, as they finished last in their division once
again last year. Bringing up the young guys makes it exciting, just look out the outfield! It
increases ticket sales and can bring back the fun edge that Philadelphia baseball is all about.

Kingery was one of the recipients of the 2017 Paul Owens award, which is given to the
Phillies Minor League Players of the Year. Scott Kingery may be brought up in 2018, but may be
on a delay due to an exception in the roster rules. If they wait to bring up until the mid-point of the season, they can keep control over Kingery for an additional year. Either way, there is a
high chance Kingery makes his debut in 2018.

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