50 years on the Wagon

It sounds weird but at 53 years old, I have been on the wagon for 50 years. You see in my house growing up, sports was always on and that means I have been watching the Eagles for 52 years, I was born in January. There have been many lows but also quite a few highs and too many feelings like the Allstate commercial where the fisherman is dangling the money just out of reach.

Staying on the wagon has not been easy. You hear newbies complaining about Chip Kelly or even Ray Rhodes and Rich Kotite. I say you are spoiled. 2 of these 3 coaches had winning records. Try living through the Swamp Fox or Mike McCormack. In between these 2 was the fishing pole of Dick Vermeil and the ’81 Super Bowl appearance. You have to take it 1 season, 1 game at a time.
To be honest, games before the McCormack era are fuzzy, I was 6. I do remember riding the El with my parents to see the games, but also remember the ride home on the El was eerily quiet. I remember sitting in a 3/4 empty Veterans Stadium. I remember not cheering too much.

To put this in perspective for the younger generation complaining about not winning or winning in the playoffs, in my first 30 years on this planet, my beloved Birds won 5 playoff games in 9 playoff appearances. In the last 30 years, the Birds have won 14 playoff games in 17 playoff appearances. That is making the playoffs less than every other year whereas my generation had to wait extended times to see playoff football (Vermeil made the playoffs 3 straight years).

To say my generation has languished enough waiting for this moment would be an understatement. We have followed and stuck with our Iggles through the good and the bad and the very bad. To say the current generation has suffered or even has been waiting long is a misnomer. You had 12 years of Reid, we had a short interlude of Vermeil in between McCormack and Kotite. But recovery is hard. We took our lumps and went on 1 game at a time. It was tough, our cross state brothers were being successful, America’s team (gag, hack, cough) was being born, and Purple People Eaters were roaming the middle of the  country. The last 20 years have seen the fall of America’s team and the rise of Cheeseheads and Cheaters.

That being said we are all in this together. Fellowship gets us through the low times and helps us enjoy the good times even more. As we get ready for the Super Bowl, get juiced up, get psyched, forget you are in Philly and throw that caution to the  wind. If you were in Philly this week, you could feel the electricity. This is our time, generations bonding together, actually talking to  each other rather than texting or tweeting. I am confident. The Eagles take home the Lombardy 41 – 20. Let’s take this 1 play at a time. I still believe in St. Nick, how about you

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