Phillies fans Should Root Against Ohtani.  Here’s Why:

By: Ben Medland


Shohei Ohtani is a pitcher/outfielder from Japan who just recently came over to the United States and signed with the Los Angeles Angels.  Ohtani is being compared to Babe Ruth due to his ability to pitch, and still hit homeruns.  While in the Japanese League, Ohtani hit 48 homeruns while maintaining a 2.52 ERA in five seasons with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.

Ohtani’s decision to join the Angels, pairs him with one of the best in the MLB and two time AL MVP, Mike Trout.  Philadelphia should hope that Ohtani and Trout don’t form a strong friendship during their time in the outfield together.

Ohtani and Trout could form a dangerous duo, if Shohei proves that he can play at the highest level this season.  There has been a lot of speculation in Philadelphia of Mike Trout joining the team in the near future.  Mike Trout was born in New Jersey and grew up a huge Eagles and Phillies fan.  The Eagles Season Ticket holder has formed a great relationship with most of the Eagles players, including starting quarterback, Carson Wentz.  This friendship has caused many Philadelphians to coin the phrase “Trout to Philly”.  Everyone in the city wants Mike Trout to come play for the Phillies, but the question now posed is: When would that be?

With Ohtani joining the struggling Angels, it looks like Trout might not come to Philly after all.  That’s if Ohtani plays up to the hype.  The Angels ended last season at a record of 80-82, which was far behind the World Series Champions, the Houston Astros, who had the AL West in full control last season.  The Angels needed a huge change in their team if they want to compete for a playoff spot.  It was looking promising for the Phillies to get Trout.  The Angels were disappointing, and the Phillies were in rebuild mode.  The Phillies are a couple veterans away from the playoffs, and Trout could’ve aided them in a few years.  Now with Ohtani helping the Angels make their playoff push, it is very unlikely that Trout will leave that for a young and inexperienced Phillies team.  

Final Synopsis:  Trout will come to Philadelphia if and only if, Ohtani is a bust in America.  As well as, the Angels flop and continue downward in the standings, and the Phillies climb their division.  So until then, if the Phillies want Mike Trout Phillies fans just have to root against Shohei Ohtani every chance they get.

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