50 years on the Wagon

February 4, 2018 Brian Dougherty 0

It sounds weird but at 53 years old, I have been on the wagon for 50 years. You see in my house growing up, sports was always on and that means I have been watching […]

Temple Ready to Fly

October 16, 2017 Brian Dougherty 0

As “Midnight Madness” kicks off this week, the Temple Owls and Coach Fran Dunphy are gearing up for what looks to be a big year. With a solid mix of returning veterans led by Josh […]

Shock and Awe

October 8, 2017 Brian Dougherty 0

The Shock – College basketball coaches broke the rules to get the best players to attend their school. I am flabbergasted. I thought these fine, impressionable, inner-city youth chose to go to these basketball powerhouses […]

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