MLB Rule Changes

February 21, 2018 Scott Anderson 0

As of Monday February 19, 2018, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred stated that there will be no pitch clock this season as was implemented last season and was a complete failure. Manfred met with all 30 […]

Bring Up Scott Kingery Already

January 28, 2018 Ben Medland 0

The Phillies should bring up Scott Kingery in 2018, or should they? The Phillies had no problem trading away Gold Glove Finalist Freddy Galvis this offseason. Trading Galvis allowed for top prospect, JP Crawford to […]

Spring Training Outlook

January 25, 2018 Scott Anderson 0

With Spring Training less than a month away the Phillies still have some moves to make if they wish to compete this season. Over the offseason they have bolstered their bullpen but are in need […]

The Loss of a Baseball Great

November 7, 2017 Scott Anderson 0

Harold Leroy Halladay III nicknamed “Doc” was born on May 14, 1977 in Denver Colorado. Doc grew up loving baseball and tried every position on the diamond. At the age of 14 he found his […]

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