Talents to South Philly?

February 22, 2018 John Crichton 0

By now you have heard all the rumors. Where will he go next? Will he stay in Cleveland to finish his career or will he try to form another super team in hopes of securing […]

Embiid vs Drummond Round 3

January 6, 2018 Frank Donahue 0

This was Sixers vs Pistons game 3 of the 2017-18 season, just as intriguing is Round 3 of for the season in the Joel Embiid vs Andre Drummond rivalry.  This game turned out to be […]

The 76ers Are Not In The Moment

December 24, 2017 Dave Gloeckner 0

The 76ers Are Not In The Moment By Dave Gloeckner (4th and GO) First posted on www.4thandgo.com This was supposed to be the year the Philadelphia 76ers turned the corner and stopped living in their […]

Sixers vs. Lakers in Free Agency

December 19, 2017 Erik Crichton 0

The past few years have been rebuilding periods for many teams in the NBA. With many greats such as Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce and more retiring in recent seasons, teams have been looking […]

Philly’s New Favorite Ben

November 26, 2017 Dave Gloeckner 0

Philly’s New Favorite Ben by Dave Gloeckner (4th and Go) *First posted on www.4thandgo.com He didn’t fly a kite in a thunder storm to prove lightning produced electricity.  He doesn’t have a bridge named after […]

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