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Find the Answer to Your Every NHL Gear Question

• What’s the most popular brand of stick in the NHL?

• What stick does each player on your favorite NHL team use?

• What’s the most popular stick brand and model among NHL centers? Goalies?

• What sticks do the league’s top point scorers use?

If questions like these interest you, your next stop should be,
the world’s first online database of NHL equipment. Recently launched, the site has
more than 3,500 equipment items used by all 700-plus active NHL players. You can
slice and dice the information just about any way you want, and see the results
within a couple of seconds.

It’s the NHL gear fan’s paradise — and one that has been much in demand, since
previously it has been quite difficult to get accurate and comprehensive information
about player equipment. Speaking of accurate, GearGeek updates its site daily so
fans can keep track of equipment changes players make during the season.

Specific pieces of equipment GearGeek monitors include sticks, gloves, pants, skates,
helmets, blockers, pads and masks. The site also details player stats for the
past/current season. It’s free to use and requires no registration or login. It’s a
highly “bookmark-able” site for any hockey player or fan who enjoys being in the
know about pro equipment.

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